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Smarth Health Care – Like GO GREEN And ALLOPATHIC

Smarth Health Care – Like GO GREEN And ALLOPATHIC

t might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors help immediately, but they are not available due to some reason. This system provides medical suggestions for patients on any time either by go green medicines or by consulting the doctor through online. So we hereby make an web application for patients and from that they can easily undergoes treatment. The user who is needing for doctor’s help at their home can consult doctors easily. It also saves the time of the user. From this the doctors get more customers from online and they earn a lot.  Smarth Health Care – Like GO GREEN And ALLOPATHIC Moreover, the frequently accessed doctors are credited with some amount by the organization.


It is impossible for many persons to visit doctor at any time. In that case the web application we developed may help peoples to seek doctor’s help at required time, getting appointment from doctor and paying the bill online. It is not necessary for all the patients to take Allopathic medicines; they can also get the natural treatment from the developing Web Application.


  • This system help the patient to get organ quickly whenever required.
  • Patient does not have to wait in queue to visit the doctor.
  • This system saves time of both doctor and patient.
  • The system also helps to search for the hospitals available depending on the disease entered by the user
  • Doctors get more clients online.
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