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Revolutionizing Train Travel Dining: The Train Food Order App


In the hustle and bustle of train journeys, passengers often face the challenge of finding quality food. The “Train Food Order App on Traveling” emerges as a game-changer, ensuring that passengers can now savor delicious meals right from the comfort of their seats.


System Description:
The “Train Food Order App on Traveling” is a mobile application that allows users to browse, select, and order food from local vendors near train stations. The app integrates with the train’s PNR system for accurate delivery.

Key Features:

  • User authentication
  • Menu browsing and order placement
  • PNR integration for accurate location tracking
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Vendor management system
  • Feedback and rating system

 Functional Requirements:

User Module:

  • User registration and login
  • Browse menu and place orders
  • Integration with PNR for coach and seat identification
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Order history and preferences

Technical Requirements:


  • The app should be developed for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of mobile operating systems.


  • A secure and scalable database to store user, order, and vendor information.


Internet Connectivity:

  • The app requires a stable internet connection for ordering and tracking.

Future Enhancements:

Integration with Loyalty Programs:

  • Integrate the app with loyalty programs for discounts and promotions.

Augmented Reality (AR) Features:

  • Implement AR features for a more interactive menu experience.

characteristics of this system:

Wide Coverage: We operate across various train routes, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite meals on the train. 🌐 Real-Time Order Tracking: Stay informed about your order with real-time tracking. Know exactly when your train food will arrive. 👍 Customer Satisfaction: Our priority is your satisfaction.

Android tools:

  1. Android Studio: The official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development.
  2. Java Programming Language: Android apps are primarily built using Java, providing the necessary backend functionality.
  3. XML (eXtensible Markup Language): Used for designing the app’s layout and structure.
  4. Firebase: A comprehensive mobile development platform providing features like real-time database, authentication, and cloud functions.
  5. Google Maps API: To integrate location-based services for users to find nearby restaurants and track their orders.
  6. Payment Gateway Integration: Tools like Stripe, PayPal, or others to enable secure and convenient payment transactions.


1.IRCTC food order

Order Food on Train Online — Order hygienic meals in all trains online easily from best restaurants at affordable price. RailRecipe is an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner to deliver top-quality food in train.

2.How to order food if train is late?

The food on track Web App has proved to be a savior during such a critical situation.

3.which app provides food delivery on time?

      IRCTC eCatering provides you with the desired online food delivery experience in train with options ranging from Thalis, Non-veg options such as Chicken, Fish or Egg dishes, Pizzas, Burgers, Chinese, Snacks, Combos, South Indian meals, Biryanis, to local cuisines from all over India.


The “Train Food Order App on Traveling” not only simplifies meal ordering but transforms the entire train dining experience. Embracing technology, this app bridges the gap between passengers and local vendors, creating a win-win situation for all. As we move towards a future of smarter travel solutions, this app stands at the forefront, redefining how we eat on the go. Bon appétit on your next train journey!




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