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Online Helpdesk Support System for Handling Complaints

Online Helpdesk Support System for Handling Complaints


In current situation in a company, customer service representatives stand in the front of the desk to serve customers and sit in front of the office responsible in receiving complaints, problems, and questions from the customer directly or via telephone calls. When a problem reported, the customer service representatives have to solve the problem quickly and find the way out for the problem complained by customers. For this reason, a customer service required to master a lot of manual operation and a large of malfunction issues. It’s not easy to transfer all of the knowledge and issues in one service center. Thus, many companies attempt to build a helpdesk system to support the quality of services, because high quality of customer service is extremely important for the company, and the report showed that 70% of the customer satisfaction is not about the product or service but because of the customer do not like the customer service [1]. Code Shoppy Using the internet and technology, a helpdesk system is a common system used for many companies. Some of the research before are Schubert Foo, et al designed and developed web based intelligent help desk support environment named WebHotLine to support the customer service center of a large multinational corporation in the electronics industry [2], another research from Wang, et al which built iHelp as an intelligent online helpdesk system, to automatically find problems, solution patterns from the past customer[1]. Further, Fazira Shafie, et al in her research developed an application of facilities management helpdesk for higher education in Malaysia [3]. Helpdesk can be used for many varieties of company and institution, and for this opportunity, we will develop a helpdesk for a services company. Wooten [4] described “Helpdesk is a formal organization that provides support function to users of the company’s product, services, or technology”. The utilities of helpdesk are described as follows: (1) provide a quick solution for the problem from the customer; (2) Improving efficiency of the company in solving problems; (3) saving time and cost; (4) accurate report concerning to customer complaint and easily learned from the past interaction between customer and service center. According to McLean and Wilson [5], perceived length of time spent on website has impact to customer satisfaction of online customer support experience. Customer fulfillment, fidelity, and trust have been identified as the result of a positive customer experience [6,7]. The technology acceptance to give customer service experience are growing in order to fit the changing needs of customers, such as self-service information seeking, live chat feature, and web personal assistant[8]. In offline customer service, a person has interaction with another person. But in online customer service, the interaction among person is limited [9]. Business has to respond faster and make sure managerial efforts are realized for the customer. The continuous and positive impact of responsive companies creates strategic value to manage customer [10]. The main objective of this study is to develop an online helpdesk system to support the service center for a service company. This service company is handled famous apartment in Jakarta, as a service company, they have several problems and they want to change their business process into more computerized, they do all process manual this time. The specific purposes of this study are described such as the following: a.Design an online helpdesk system that can be used easily both from the representatives (customer service) and customers b.Effectively and efficiently performing in solving problems requested by the customer c.Enable the customers to serve by themselves using online helpdesk integrated with the service center database d.Shorten the service time due to a lot of complaint from the customers. e.Tracking customer dissatisfaction, learning the problem, and improve quality of services.


The methods that used in this research are data collection through study literature review, interview session, direct observation, as well as system analysis and design method which will be described such as the following: A.Data Collection Collecting data as the first step on this research, the activities are: a.Study Literature Looking for related study before and theories that support the research including the theories of helpdesk itself and the development of helpdesk application in other company or institution b.Interview Session Interview Session is executed directly to the owner, manager, and user of the company to discuss about the common problems faced by the company related in serving customer. c.Direct Observation The direct observation method is done by observe the business process of the service center directly which is undergone in PT. XYZ as a services company provide an internet service, television cable, and internet installation. For the final of this observation, we draw a workflow using activity diagram to record the process. B.System Analysis and Design Methodology After all requirements are collected, the proposed model and prototype were designed.


This part discussed about the current process of the company. The current process in the company is described with flowchart below

The process started from the customer registration by customer service. After all registration is recorded, next technician will doing installation process to the customer address. As long as the customer still using the services, the customer service has to serve the customer who come to the office, email, or telephone such as complaints, questions, change services, open new services, and many others. If the customer service can not afford the question, the customer service will hold on the question to the next level of representatives. All process most handled by customer services, customer services have to stand by all the time to support the customer and technician request. During the time, customer services no longer can handle all customers.


This part will discuss about the system recommendation for PT. XYZ to support their online helpdesk system. Optimized Current Situation In managing the complaint more effectively and efficiently using web based software or online helpdesk [11]. As discussed previously, the process put pressure on the customer service, now we change it to the customer. The customer service only need to view, create notification, and deliver the solution to the customer.

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