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The practice of hospital operation management in the era of new healthcare reform

The practice of hospital operation management in the era of new healthcare reform

Objective: Due to the demand of new healthcare reform and the cancellation of drug addition, revenue of hospital decreases dramatically and hospital operations management faces tough challenges. In this paper, a practice is introduced to improve hospital operations management and strength competitive ability of hospital. Methods: We established a hospital operations and resource management platform to improving operation management quality by use of IT measures. This platform consists of 4 main parts as follows: (1) fine and standardized operation and management system; (2) reengineered and optimized business processes; (3) comprehensively upgraded business resources systems; (4) powerful operation analysis system. Results: By use of this platform, we achieved 2 goals mainly: (1) operation costs dramatically decreased; (2) hospital operations management became fine and standardized. Conclusion: IT measures play a vital role in improving hospital operations management and strengthening competitive ability of hospital.

Since the new healthcare reform guidelines was issued and new healthcare reform is implemented in 2009, China has established national basic medical insurance system and national basic pharmaceutical system and improved basic medical service system. As one of the most import parts of new healthcare reform, the reform of public hospitals also has entered into the critical period, which is confronted with many problems and stiff challenges[1]. According to the principle of providing “safe, effective, convenient and affordable” healthcare service, the reform of public hospitals is designed to cancel the policy of drug price addition[2] to reduce patients’ medical costs, which causes the hospital income declines dramatically. As labor cost has increasingly rises these years, the shortfall in hospital income cannot be offset due to the incompleteness of compensation mechanism and the lack of compensation amount. The problems mentioned above lead to a serious imbalance in hospital payments resulting in hospital operation facing tremendous pressures and challenges, therefore changing hospital management and improving efficiency and quality of hospital management is pressing and imperative. Meanwhile, the fast development of IT and the advent of Big Data era make it possible that the aim mentioned above come true [3, 4]. We seize this opportunity to positively change the manage philosophy and study advanced theory and experiences in the fields of hospital management and modern enterprise management home and aboard [5] as the guidelines of the reform of public hospitals and the realization of fine management. To realize the above object, we employee IT measures comprehensively.

1Electric Vehicle Recharge to find Nearest Bunk
2White Card Manage all card into one (Driving license, Pan Card, Voter Id, Ration Card) Android App
3Location Based Garbage Management System for Smart City based android app
4A Food Wastage Reduction Android Application based android app
5OnRoad Vehicle Breakdown Help Assistance Based Android App
6Android Hospital Management System for Doctor and Patient
7Digital Vehicle – License, Insurance And RC Book Tracing For Police based android app
8evoting Android App Using OTP and Photo Matching Voting system

As shown in the whole process, the successful implementation of Operations and Resource Management Platform program is the achievement of cooperation: under the unified leadership of hospital administrators, all departments involved cooperated with IT companies closely to ensure that the final completion of the construction platform. Through the implementation of operations and resource management platform, we achieve the following objectives: improving healthcare quality, improving enthusiasm of staff for work; improving patients’ satisfaction; reducing patients’ medical costs, meeting the requirements of the public hospital reform of the new healthcare reform. As environment where the hospital is in is changing all the time, the operations and resource management requirements are changing accordingly, so the establishment of operations and resource management platform is not achieved once for all but a continuous improvement process in the future. In view of that, using PDCA management method to achieve the continuous adjustment and revising of the platform to meet the increasingly growing requirements of hospital operation and resource important and imperative. In order to achieve the above objects, On the one hand we still keep improving the quantity of hospital operation management and reengineering and optimizing business processes further which will be realized by IT measures; on the other we hope the Government will accelerate the supporting policies and reforms, such as increasing the intensity of public hospital compensation, making the policy that prices of medical service match value of labor, to promote hospital operations and resources management system to develop faster and better.