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Testing and Evaluation of php webbased application

Testing and Evaluation of php webbased application-Codeshoppy

Taint analysis is a practical method of data flow analysis. In the past few decades, data flow analysis has been an important research direction in the field of information security, and a lot of work has been done in developing data flow strategy. In this paper, we perform a flow-sensitive forward taint
analysis on the generated CFG. To begin with getting the generated mainCFG and functionCFG, and then initialize the pre-defined taint source information. Afterwards, preforming fine-grained taint analysis on the mainCFG and functionCFG. Getting the node of the CFG to do the taint analysis until all
the nodes are traversed. Finally, printing the tainted types and variables to determine the vulnerabilities.

The use of plants to treat disease and improve overall health and well-being is known as herbal medicine. Many consumers mistakenly believe that products branded “natural” are necessarily safe and healthy. Ayurvedic goods are becoming increasingly popular these days. Our idea intends to create a marketplace for herbal products. The major goal of this project is to make it simple for the user to find herbs that will help with the health problem or sickness that he or she is experiencing. This project assists users in curing disease by recommending a list of herbal medications that they should take in order to recover from their condition or ailment. By allowing the user to enter their health concern and search accordingly, this approach greatly reduces the amount of time spent searching. Android Mini Project Topics 2022 2023

Web Application Project Ideas For Students 2022 2023

Web application which are developed based on PHP and MySQL. It is a vulnerability experimental platform, including SQL injection, XSS and so on. The number of vulnerabilities is been determined, so relatively, it can be accurately identify false positives and false negatives. We have tested 16 programs which include SQL injection and XSS. The programs are divided into four groups, each with four programs. The vulnerability level of each groups are low, medium, high, impossible. That the low, medium and high each contains a vulnerability, the impossible is a security program that does not contain vulnerability. Mca Final Year Projects 2022 2023

f the current node is a non-null statement node. Then checking if the statement is an assignment, and its right hand side is tainted, its left hand side will be tainted. We need to determine the taint type and print the tainted variables. If the statement is a return statement and it is tainted, we label the CFG as producing a taint return value. If the current node is an ‘if’ condition node and if the condition node contains an assignment operation, then we repeat the step . Otherwise, if condition node is tainted, we need to determine the taint type and print the tainted variables


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