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Recent trends in Android Application for Academic Tracking

Recent trends in Android Application for Academic Tracking-Codeshoppy

Recent Trends in Android Application for Academic Tracking is an android application which is helpful for students, parents and faculty of the colleges. Currently all the tasks are finished manually. It consume time. In our proposed system, the faculty can log in into their college account through the app itself and update the academic result. This application helps teacher to take attendance using smart phone and store record of students for their continuous evolution. The data will be kept in the college server. Students able to view academic results, attendance, internal marks as well as assignment and notes update from the faculty using Android phones. Using this Application, students have easy access for scanning the marks, provided their authentications are correct and they don’t have right to change/update the marks. The proposed project will be provide applications such as online study material, notices, academic calendar and online reminders of examination, online attendance record, performance record, and parent intimation system using Android applications. Parents can have their children’s progress and attendance report from anywhere over the internet. Application system will keep full record of their daily and monthly attendance. After specific time parents will be given progress reports. Teacher will be given facilities to make online reports easily, an admin will be handling their roles/rights. web application project ideas for college students

Mobile learning is the next generation of e-learning that serve attractive way of knowledge distribution especially used in teaching and learning process. For this purpose, we design and implement Android Application for Academic Tracking. In this application, faculty can manage all their paper work like attendance record, marks record, upload assignment, notify parents about meetings, etc. Student and
Parent can be able to view academic performance of the student and get notification about any information

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When we refer paper , the key idea of this project is to add automation and mobility to the process of managing student information in an institute. The application will be used by staffs, students and parents. For advancement of institution and educational system this application is useful. In
the proposed system when the sensitive data is stored on device, app can ensure that they are stored securely using encryption. More efficient information’s can be achieve through the system. The android platform provide a number of algorithm for encryption of sensitive data android project titles codeshoppy

administrator can register all the student, faculty and parent and assign them id and password
which provide to them access for this application. Administrator responsible to maintain the database, to store information and generate report. Admin can manage using different modules individually. Administrator modules is different for different department. Admin also notify about university/academic time table, fees paid, external/internal time table to the students. Admin also notify Training and Placement related information to the students, date, time and place of campus interviews


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