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PSR A Lightweight Proactive Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Most important thing in wireless network which has attracted many research communities is opportunistic data forwarding. Opportunistic data forwarding is used mainly for the stationary wireless network. Mobile ad hoc network is becoming a very popular and wider wireless network. Ad hoc network uses different network topologies which usually changes with time. Therefore there is a challenge to design a new protocol which can provide a better connectivity among ad hoc network. Best Android and PHP Projects for the final year college students In this paper, therefore, we focus on the design of a new efficient source routing protocol which can give a better transportation with minimum overhead. But it has not been widely used in Mobile ad hoc Networks due to the absence of lightweight efficient proactive routing protocol. In this paper, here proposed proactive source routing scheme. Proactive source routing protocol (PSR) maintain more network topology compared to other distance vector routing algorithms with small overhead. PSR achieve better data transportation than other protocols.

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