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Online Pizza Ordering System


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Online Pizza Ordering System

You have to have purchased your pizzas on telephone for home delivery. The method appears simple to use but sometimes there’s miscommunication. Because there’s not any visual menu displayed during a telephone call, the workers must repeat a great deal of things again and again to their clients. It is a time consuming process which occasionally bothers clients. Also it requires a great deal of time of their pizzeria staff. It would be more comfy for the clients to have an internet pizza ordering system. It might be hassle free for consumers since they may choose the pizzas they need and make payment for this. Also, it will lessen the buying time for clients. Let’s take a examine another advantage of working with this system. Suppose I go into a pizzeria and earn order. Online Pizza Ordering System Even after purchasing pizzas in their socket, I must wait at least 15 minutes for my purchase to be prepared. Could not it be far more convenient when I purchased my favorites before employing a mobile program or an internet program and it will tell me that the time where I must select my purchase from their countertops. It’d be fantastic for me since I really don’t have to await my pizza. I want to reach there just when my pizza is prepared. In summary, we could say that enhanced and efficient solutions are offered to the clients by the addition of net in your small business. As a company standpoint it provides you an advantage over the competition.

Software Requirements: –

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Emulator
Android SDK – adt-bundle-windows-x86
IDE: Eclipse Mars


It simplifies all of the problems of present system.
Pizza may be purchase in much more convenient manner.
Payment is readily achieved using a variety of online style or cash on delivery (COD).
It creates machine quite successful for ordering a pizza. mca project topics 2019 2020
Admin can see sales report that could be helpful for decision making.
Easy add/update/delete procedure of pizza.
It Takes a Trusted Online connection.
System can provide incorrect results if information not entered properly.

· Within this method, while obtaining for the first time, clients must enroll themselves by filling basic registration details.

· When the enrollment is successful, client should login using a valid username and password for protected login.

· After successful log in, the customer will visit the homepage at which different kinds of browsers will probably be recorded with their picture.

· Each of the components will be exhibited with their costs.

· After choosing a pizza that is desired, clients can see the specifics of pizza like cost, toppings and category.

· Client can define the additional toppings (if needed ) and enter the quantity required and include a pizza .

· Client can directly click buy now to put an order.

· Now payment alternative is revealed to the client. He’s got to pick from the many online payment techniques or money on delivery choice.

· When the order is placed and order identification is going to be offered to the client using that he/she can monitor the ordered pizza.

· Client will notify the admin regarding the machine by composing a feedback message.

· Clients can change their previous password with brand new one whenever demanded.

· Admin can add several pizzas into the machine, can also view/edit/delete the additional pizza.

· Each of the requests will be displayed into the admin at which admin can upgrade the sequence details.

· Admin can see the pizza revenue details predicated on any two chosen dates.

· You can also see feedback messages received in the customers that are registered.


The machine consists of two big modules using their sub-modules as follows:


a. Insert Pizza: Insert unique kinds of pizza in veg and non-veg category.


c. View/Update Order: Can see all of the orders obtained in the client and adjust the order details so.

d. View Revenue: Can see sales details predicated on any two involving dates.



a. Registration: User may enroll his detail.

b. Upgrades: User Login his accounts.


d. Pizza Detail: Could view pizza particulars by choosing a pizza and see its details like cost, toppings, etc…

o Add to Cart: Client can add the chosen pizza and can check out additional.

o Buy Today: Can purchase a chosen pizza and may also input needed toppings (If necessary ) and define the amount.

e. Track Order: Can monitor the ordered pizza so identification to be aware of the sequence status.

f. Compose Feedback: User may write his review feedback.


· It simplifies all the issues of present system

· Pizza can be purchase in way that’s more suitable.


· It makes sythe systemery successful for ordering a pizza.

· Admin can see sales record, which can be helpful for decision-making.

· Easy add/update/delete procedure of pizza.

· Rich and appealing GUI.


· It takes a trusted online connection.

· System can provide incorrect results if information not entered properly.


This system may be Applied in pizza shops.

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