Designing an Android-based Space Travel Application Trough Virtual Reality for Teaching Media

VR is a technology that represents the real world into a virtual world by showing 3D environments using the special electronic equipment. In order to improve the literacy in the field of astronomy technology is needed that can assist in learning the solar system by using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to make learning enjoyable. For this reason, VR technology can be applied as a tool in the introduction of the solar system in the form of smartphone applications in order to increase the attractiveness of learning. Based on the results of virtual reality technology research on Android-based space travel applications users can see, hear, and do something. Usability testing with a questionnaire obtained an average value of 89%. While user behavior testing can be declared feasible to use, because the average user experiences motion sickness at 9 minutes, 20 seconds, while all tour packages are 7 minutes, 24 seconds.