An Efficient Algorithm for Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication Using Hybrid Cryptography and Steganography

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Data/information is the most valuable asset for the modern electronic communication system. To secure data or information has become a challenge in this competitive world. There are many techniques for securing data/information such as cryptography, steganography etc. In this paper, hybrid cryptography has been applied using AES and RSA. In this hybrid cryptography, the symmetric key used for message encryption is also encrypted, which ensures a better security. An additional feature of this paper is to create a digital signature by encrypting the hash value of message. At the receiving side this digital signature is used for integrity checking. Then the encrypted message, encrypted symmetric key and encrypted digest are combined together to form a complete message. This complete message again has been secured using the steganography method, LSB. Here hybrid cryptography provides a better security, steganography strengthens the security. Message integrity checking is a special feature of this algorithm. Successful simulations have been shown to support the feasibility of this algorithm.

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