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Hardware resources of android system application

Hardware resources of android system application-Codeshoppy

As we see paper , this application can be used by students using their smart phones. Through this application students are able to stay updated with their assignments provided in the class, timetables of examinations, attendance, etc. An android based college campus that share the college campus activities. Application also provide updates to the students of their respective departments, notices regarding the
recruiting company, campus interview date and other placement activities.mca project topics titles

In reference , in this proposed system, students can lookout results on smart phones. The faculty can access this app through their college account and update the academic result. The proposed system consist of namely two modules: Student and Admin. In the student’s module, student need to enroll their roll number, college enrollment number, student name. Admin module maintains the internal college exam marks of each student. Any new notice for a particular semester can be uploaded by professor through application notifying to respective semester students. Student’s attendance
is also monitored by the application

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Existing system contains Manual work.
 Many departments need to manage several tasks and includes lot of paper work.
Notices are circulated all over college class by class manually or they are displayed on notice board.
There is no automation and centralization of records.
Loss of records is likely to occur, as it is paperwork.
Excessive use of paper and other resources.
Maintenance is hard and Time consuming.
Tracking record is tedious job

All feedback is classified to five categories. Category “Look and feel” gives insights on how the UX mandated in the GMS Android suits the requirements of the operators, versus the flexibility and
uncertainty of UX implementation of AOSP. “Services” is a category capturing feedback on the number and the quality of available services and functionalities, as well as their specifics. “Price suitability” captures feedback on the overall price point required and if that price point is considered to be an excessive investment for an operator php project ideas topics

In this paper, minimum requirements for system resources for executing Android applications in Linux containers have been assessed, and its advantages compared to executing them on an Android emulator have been described.