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Android Projects Titles

App For Soil With Suitable Farming Agent And Distributor Location

The Soil Screening Guidance incorporates readily obtainable site data into simple, standardized equations to derive site-specific screening levels for selected contaminants and exposure pathways. Admin enter the soil detail and distributor details. User can view those soil details and distributor details. Admin collect all information about soil and distributor location also.

Bus Pass System

Client can Purchase the bus Ticket over the world wide web, 24 hours per day during the week, this simplifies the problem of bus ticket being lost or stolen. Users may recharge webcam scanned qr code in bus depot via qr scanner program.

Additionally, the Internet system allows the Customers assess the access to the bus ticket before they purchase a bus ticket. What’s more, clients no have to pay money to purchase bus ticket since they can cover the bus ticket using Credit Card (e.g. Master Card, Visa Card). 

Hence, there’s a requirement of reformation of this machine with more flexibility and advantages. The Bus Scheduling and Booking System remove the majority of the constraints of the present software.

Bus Pass net system to place it simply means the system may offer pass identification with QR code, Pass renewal, cancellation, upgrading, Student reduction etc..

· Unique identification with qr codes on bus .

· Utilizing this site we could check all details associated bus and education like how to reestablish pass the way to upgrade this, and provide details of student reduction.

· This site retains all information of Bus passes.

· Passengers first should confirm themselves the machine utilizing various through enrollment. Once confirmed the system permits them to reserve passes for almost any route on the internet.

· Users may recharge webcam scanned qr code.

Software Requirements: –

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Emulator
Android SDK – adt-bundle-windows-x86
IDE: Eclipse Mars


· It is possible to find all of the bus pass associated info online without visiting the bus station.

· This internet bus pass computer software program will help passengers and students get bus moves on the internet and eliminate the requirement of standing in queues for moves or amassing a ticket for every journey.

· The payment may be done on line via credit or card.


· Verification of these passengers can’t be achieved online. They must first get themselves checked by seeing before using the machine.

· It needs a massive memory and database.


This system May Be Used in almost any bus Transport job services. Utilizing the machine in private and government businesses can exclude using individual attempts and conserves a lot of effort and money.

Campus Recruitment System

A school campus recruiting system which is made up of student login, business login along with also an admin login. The job is valuable for school pupils, various businesses visiting the campus for recruiting as well as the school placement officer. The software system enables the pupils to make their profiles and upload all of their information such as their marks on the computer system. The admin can assess each pupil information and can remove accounts that are faulty. The system also is made up of business login where various businesses going to the faculty can see a listing of students from that faculty and their various resumes. The software system enables students to see a list of businesses that have submitted for vacancy.  The admin has entire rights within the machine and may moderate and delete some information not pertaining to faculty placement principles. The machine manages student in addition to company data and economically displays all of this information to various sides.

there’ll not be any requirement of setting up notice or emailing every pupil concerning the business coming in school. The students may keep updated themselves via this program.
The business may see all pupils’ system and detail can shortlist students in accordance with their standards rather than doing manually.
There’s admin login that may view and handle both pupils and business’s accounts and also can install notifications.
Student may enroll online instead of visiting positioning department for enrollment.
Student cannot edit their program after delivered. It might require admin to alter the data.
It demands substantial database.

Clinic Management System

The job clinic Direction is software designed to simplify the communication procedure between the physician and the secretary. The program would be controlled by 2 users is a doctor and the other one is the receptionist. Receptionist will be liable for assigning token amounts to the individual going to the clinic and store it in the database together with their details. These token amounts together with individual patient particulars are delivered to the doctor. The health care provider can consequently view patient information and after checking the patient up, the recommended medications for the specific individual is fed to the database from the physician and so are routed to receptionist. The secretary can then create a bill and feed to the database. The system also keeps patient’s history in order that physician or receptionist can see them anytime. The machine can consequently reduce complexity in keeping individual’s records. The project has been developed on C#.Net system and can be backed by a SQL database to store user certain particulars.


Doctor Appointment Booking System

The planned project is a intelligent appointment booking system which gives any user a simple means of booking a physician’s appointment online. This is an internet based program that simplifies the dilemma of handling and booking appointments based on user’s selection or needs. The job occasionally becomes quite dull for your compounder or physician himself manually allotting appointments to the users in accordance with their accessibility. Hence, this project provides an effective alternative where users can see various booking slots offered and pick the preferred time and date.  The already reserved area will be marked yellow and won’t be accessible for anybody else to the designated time. The machine offers an extra quality of calculating monthly revenue of a doctor. The program employs for a front-end and SQL database since the backend.

This program can help to decrease the waiting time of this individual.
User can pick the appointment time based on his taste.
Accessible and reserved slots are displayed in powerful graphical user interface.
It takes an Online connection.
It demands substantial database.

Farmer Shop Mobile App

Agri Shop is a very important feature used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, similar to the US English term ‘Agri Shop’. The business-to-consumer aspect of electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods and services online.

This system is used to farmer and user. Farmer upload their product with details and buyer view this details and book that product with in a time.

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